When I was 12 years old, my body started attacking itself. Digestion became impossible, my skin crawled and itched, and I was yellow. I was taken to a locally famous Iridologist, who looked at my eyes with a special machine, prescribed me some herbs, and placed special metals on my wrists, keeping them in place with bandages. Every night, I was to cleanse these strips in salt water - after two weeks, I buried the metals in my back yard. I got better to the point where everyone forgot I had ever been sick. 

Years later - news came that the Iridologist who had so miraculously made me feel better had died of some type of disease. My Grandfather, in his ever glorious wisdom exclaimed loudly: "And why the F*&^ didn't he just look at his eye and fix himself? I TOLD you he was a fake." Everybody laughed. Just like that, the man who had brought my skin back to health, became a discredited hoax who I had stupidly believed in. I had even buried metals in my back yard. I felt ridiculous. 

"The man who had miraculously cured me became a hoax."

Now as an adult, who understands that grandpa sometimes is funny but also extremely judgmental, I can see that the Iridologist, was not a hoax. I don't know how he died, or even if he really died. I don't know anything about his life path or what his personal affairs were like. I all I know is a rumor, and something "funny" my grandpa said. The amount of infinities that could have happened overwhelms me. Which brings me to the silly question of why Tarot Readers ask questions. Shouldn't they just look at their cards and know? 

Well, yes. But, what if the connection is wacky? I can only see what you let me see, I can only communicate what you are willing to hear. For example, if you have a mate who cheats on you, but you aren't ready to do anything about it, you will not hear what I tell you. Sometimes, you have a block without even knowing it, and this, is where questions come into place. Let's say for example that you have a co-worker who really annoys you. However, because you have no viable reason to not like her, you deny the issue. Perhaps you are even advanced enough to not let said co-worker grate your nerves, unless she is present. Now here I come, as a Tarot Reader, and see that there is a conflict at work. However, I can't really see what the issue is, because you are blocking it. I ask: "Do you have an issue with somebody at work?" That should open up the proverbial can of worms for you. Now you can let yourself feel what it is you are feeling at work. Now you are open. 
"Well, there is this one person who annoys me." You begin to tell me. As we open up the conversation about your feelings at work, suppressed issues come to light, and solutions are to be found. By opening up these passageways, we are able to clear issues at different levels.

Questions bring awareness.

Questions are also helpful when a figure person arises in the cards. I may ask something like: "Which Mother Figure taught you to bake?" As your energy goes towards recognizing the character, a whole new area of information becomes available to me. We are taught to close ourselves off, and 
only let "special" people in. We guard our feelings, thoughts, and true selves in armor. Questions help me dis-arm you, so that my guides can better communicate with your guides. What's the point of getting a Tarot Reading if you aren't going to dig deep, right? 

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Tarot Cards are tools. They are a shortcut to communicate with my guides. Each card in the deck has a specific meaning, story and background. The complexities of the cards are infinite with the ability to delve into numerology, color scheme, and personal antidotes collected over time. The cards, when laid out together form a story that jumps out to you depending on the patterns that are revealed. All cards, just like all situations are linked together. There are no coincidences in life, as there are no coincidences to the order the cards place themselves in when shuffled.

There are different types of Tarot Readings. I have customers who needed comfort after their parents passed. I was able to give them Spiritual Guidance, and point out instances from their past that was linking them to grief. I have worked with mothers who can no longer connect with their children. I have helped them to mend relationships by teaching them to connect with their guides, who can in turn connect to their children’s guides. I have also gently reminded them, when necessary, that children have their own life path which we as parents must respect. I also receive a lot of questions about life path. Is this the right job for me? Will it be profitable to start a business with my sister? In these situations, I have helped my clients connect with their light source, so we could see if we were working with divine help.

General readings are also enjoyable. These readings look at your life as a whole and let you see where very small changes can make massive positive results in your life. I have done these general readings after break-ups, divorces, job switches, and other life changes. It feels nice to do readings where I delve into the possibilities to create the most beautiful future life possible. 

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    Metzli is an intuitive tarot reader. She practices through her Etsy Shop.


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