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Happy Full Moon!

And welcome to my first Newsletter.

This Moon Month, we are celebrating Elder, a time to sit in quiet meditation while we let our dreams wash over us. This Moon Month is good for journaling, being still, and watching those around us without reacting to their sharp edges.

Have you been celebrating Sacred Silence and letting yourself be still? Or are you letting yourself get caught up in the hustle of the holidays? Are you working really hard to be a go-getter, only to find that go getting during this time leads to a cacophony in your mind? I read some notes I wrote during Elder Moon in 2012: "Is Elder a practical joke from the Moon Goddess?" I asked my High Priestess. How is anybody supposed to be in Sacred Silence during holiday parties, when we are with people we only see every once is a while? 

I have since learned that although sitting as often as possible with a journal is best during this time, it is also possible to be in quiet observation. Is there noise in your brain? Separate it into individual strands of sound, and quiet them down one at a time. Talk to the noise. Do you belong to me or somebody else? If it belongs to somebody else, release it. Talk to the noise again: Is this a message that can wait? If it is, ask it to come back at a better time. Talk to the noise: Are you communicating with me from a place of love? If not, let it know that you are only accepting messages of love at the moment.

Be the super hero in your own movie and walk in your own whoosh and energy, letting the "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh" of everyone else bounce off you. Its Elder time, your soul wants to talk to you and show you all the awesome things it wants you to accomplish in the next year. Listen.



02/10/2017 5:15pm

Holiday is the only season I can be with my love ones. So I cannot just sit down while everyone is having a good time. I prefer to party with them than to talk to the noise. Well, I just find it weird to be quiet when you are supposed to party with them. This is the only time I can spend with my family and friends so I will not waste it.

04/09/2017 2:24pm

It is nice to have an opportunity to receive your newsletters. Well done!

04/16/2017 6:43pm

This is a very happy to read, I really like to see your next post. I hope that your newsletters' topics will be interesting to know. The way you express your thoughts in this article is very hype and very happy to read. The Happy full moon elder to me is not very familiar. if it is for celebrating the elders, I think it is very important to celebrate and greet them to make them feel how important they are to us.


Tell me please how can I sign up! I'd like to get all news from you!

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